Feb 15

Minecraft Music Craft Mod Download

This mod adds a playable piano to minecraft, when clicking on the piano you are presented with a GUI, and you can play the paino by clicking certain keys on the keyboard! This mod is still a work in progress and the mod developer plans to add more features as the mod develops! This mod …

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Feb 13

Minecraft Shape Shifting Mod Download

This mod adds two bones to the game which allow you to shape shift to any mob in minecraft, some mobs have special features and some mobs still are waiting to be updated and given features. Mobs like the ender dragon have the ability to fly and shoot fire balls. The creeper can explode, and …

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Feb 10

Minecraft Eragon Dragon Rider Mod Download

The eragon / dragon rider mod adds dragon eggs randomly to your world, you can then hatch the egg and you need to take the time for your dragon to become a mature dragon. Once the dragon is mature you can ride him around the world of minecraft! To ride the dragon you need to …

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Feb 08

Minecraft John Mod Download

This mod adds 4 new things to the game, 3 new mobs and a new sword, the new sword is crafted using immortality gems, which you get from killing the new mobs. The new mobs are small, medium and huge johns. They are quiet fast and annoying to kill. The smaller one takes from half …

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Feb 07

Minecraft 1.5 Automatic Tree Farm Download & Tutorial

With minecraft 1.5 things are getting a lot more automatic thanks to the addition of hoppers and a few other features added in minecraft 1.5, the video below showcases a Semi automatic tree farm, which converts a sappling into a tree and then takes the wood from the tree and uses pistons to put all …

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Feb 06

Minecraft Gulliver the resizing Mod Download

This mod is awesome and it only adds two potions to the game! The mod adds a potion which makes the player smaller, and a potion which makes the player bigger. For more information and to see this mod in action watch the video below! But wether your stupidly big or tiny you can still …

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Jan 31

Minecraft 13w05a Snapshot Download

Minecraft 13w05a Snapshot Showcase:     Added team based functionality to scoreboards. Adjusted balancing of bonemeal. A little late for Christmas, but fully implemented multiple snow heights. [Bug MC-666] – Spawn Protection not working properly. [Bug MC-1324] – /difficulty command doesn’t produce any messages. [Bug MC-6032] – Comparator outputs “pulse” when side signal is on. …

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Jan 24

Minecraft 1.5 13w04a Snapshot Download

A new week and a new minecraft snapshot! Below is a list of things added this week, all these features will be implimented into minecraft 1.5 Added a fancy new Scoreboard system. Added some new functionality to dispensers. Taught dispensers and droppers about the 3rd dimension. Scared mobs away from the dangerous minecart tracks. At …

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Jan 24

Minecraft Dimensional Door Mod Download

The dimensional door mod adds two doors into the game, there is a dimensional door and a warp door added to minecraft. Placing the dimensional door will allow you to go to another dimension, you can then place another door to go to another dimension and then go to another dimension and then another..

Jan 23

Minecraft Pumpkin Patch Mod Download

The pumpkin patch mod adds all things pumpkin into minecraft! Literally all things pumpkin! The mod adds a number of new pumpkin foods. Pumpkin mods have also been added, such as the pumpkin golem, pumpkin creeper and more.

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