Jul 29

MC Patcher HD fix for Minecraft 1.3

MCPatcher HD is now available for Minecraft 1.3, you can now patch your Minecraft 1.3 with HD texture packs such as 32x and above.

MCPatcher HD features:

  • The ability to customise colours in biomes such as swamps, and even jungles!
  • MCPatcher has HD font support
  • Customise game animations
  • Ability to use other in conjunction such as modloader

MCPATCHER HD for Minecraft image

MCPATCHER HD supports the RandomMobs mod and the Better Grass Mod

If you don’t use MCPatcher HD on HD texture packs in Minecraft, the texture packs wont be applied in the correct way so ensure you downloads the Patcher and follow the instructions below.

How to Patch Texture Packs in Minecraft 1.3

How to Patch Texture packs in Minecraft 1.3

  • Download the texture pack you want to patch
  • Download the latest version of MCPATCHER
  • Install the texture pack
  • Click Patch and enjoy the texture pack

Download MCPATCHER HD for Minecraft 1.3

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