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Mar 28

Fisherman’s Mod Download for Minecraft

The Fisherman’s mod adds a bunch of cool new items into the game, and adds things to an area of minecraft that is missing. The fishing aspect in minecraft could be a cool one and could be expanded further, i really hope it is something mojang look at.   The mod adds four new fishing …

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Mar 24

Extreme Hills Mod Download for Minecraft

The extreme hills mod adds huge mountains to your world, once you have downloaded the mod just generate a new world and explore and you will spot some of these extreme hills. This mod is a great addition to minecraft as it doesnt just make awesome mountains it makes awesome cliffs. Watch the video to …

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Mar 21

Lava Jump Parkour map Download for Minecraft

The lava jump parkour map is an awesome map and tons off fun! Although the map is small, there is room to expand with the concept and the map is never going to be the same because of the moving pillars, the moving pillars adds an extra element of fun to the map.

Mar 13

Industrial Brewing Station Download for Minecraft 1.5

This automated brewing station allows users to quickly make potions in minecraft with the flick of a few levers. This is now possible in Minecraft 1.5 thanks to the additon of hoppers! The video below shows a tutorial on how to make this creation. Download the world to take a first hand look for yourself!

Mar 03

Donkey Kong Mini Game Download for Minecraft

The classic game donkey kong has been remade in minecraft! The aim of this mini map is to get to the top of the tower can protect the princess. As with classic Donkey kong you had to jump over barrels while climbing the tower. But in this minecraft remake you need to jump over minecarts. …

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Feb 25

Flashlight Mod Download for Minecraft

The flashlight mod is so simple but great! it adds a flashlight into minecraft, the flashlight has a crafting recipe and can be toggled on and off! So you can walk around dark caves toggle your light on and then you can see! no wasting of torches! Simple easy! and i love it!

Feb 21

Disco Creepers Mod Download for Minecraft

The disco creepers mod adds creepers that change colour randomly and really fast! This mod is just for fun but why not add creepers to your game that randomly change colour! But not only will the creeper change colour, the creepers will also dance! Yes dancing colourful creepers – go give it a hug!

Feb 20

Sophisticated Wolves Mod for Minecraft

The sophisticated wolves mod gives more features to wolves. One of the features of the mod is to re-skin the mobs depending on what biome they spawn in, and on occasion a rare skinned wolf mob will spawn. You can also make name tags and then add a name tag to your wolf and name …

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Feb 16

Minecraft Subway Surfers Mini Game Download

This mini game has inspiration for them IOS app subway surfers, the subway surfers app is a “temple run” style app where you need to run as long as you possibly can avoiding obstacles. Subway surfers is set in a subway and you run on top of trains and in amongst them! But this mini …

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Feb 15

Minecraft Music Craft Mod Download

This mod adds a playable piano to minecraft, when clicking on the piano you are presented with a GUI, and you can play the paino by clicking certain keys on the keyboard! This mod is still a work in progress and the mod developer plans to add more features as the mod develops! This mod …

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