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Jun 11

Female Gender Mod for Minecraft

One of the great complaints about minecraft for a long time has been the fact that you have to be steve to play minecraft ( you have to play as a man) Obviously a lot of women play minecraft and they want to play minecraft as a female. Well now you can, this mod changes …

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Jun 11

Spider Man Mod for Minecraft

The Spider man mod, obviously adds spider man to minecraft, but the mod adds a lot of cool stuff to the game. Spider man has a number of items such as armour and more. He also has a number of cool abilities such as not taking fall damage and being able to stick to walls. …

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Jun 08

HUD Plus Mod for Minecraft

The HUD plus or ( HUD+) mod adds a number of cool awesome features, such as being able to see the durability of your armor on your main screen without having to switch or hit the F keys. The mod also adds the ability to see the length of potions and more. Too see everything …

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Jun 06

Flying Carpet Mod for Minecraft

The flying carpet mod, is a mod that has become isntantly popular, because of the reputation of the developer of the mod. This mod was developed by Dr Zhark, the mod developer behind the Mo’ Creatures mod pack, and also the guy who helped develope the horse feature with Mojang for the recent addition of …

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May 12

Unique Animals Mod Download

The unique animals mod is a mod which adds more animals / mobs into minecraft, there are many mods that add more mobs in minecraft, but this is mainly because minecraft needs more mobs! check the video below to find out what mobs are added to minecraft with this mod

May 04

Animated Player Mod

The animated player mod adds a number of new things to minecraft and personally i love the features! One of the main new features this mod adds is facial expressions to your character. The mod improves other animations also, such as when you are running, swimming, flying and more!

May 04

Protecting Your Home Network or Business Network

I have tried to identify the top defenses for the internet today. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and it’s not a complete list by any means, but it is a rough assessment of the top technologies currently protecting your home network or business network. I am aware that there are plenty of …

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Apr 15

More Enchantments Mod Download for Minecraft

The more enchantment mod adds a number of new enchantments to minecraft the mod adds so many cool enchantments the best way to see all the features of this mod is to download it for yourself. But the video below shows off some of the cool enchantments such as night vision on the helmet, which …

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Apr 06

Defensive Villagers Mod Download for Minecraft

The defensive villager mod finally transforms them old squidward looking villagers into actual people!  The villagers have armour and a sword. The amount of armour or protection the villager add is random. The villagers are friendly with you the player. The vilagers will kill off hostile mobs and more! Check the video below for a …

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Apr 04

Water Shader Alpha Mod Download for Minecraft

The water shader alpha mod makes some awesome changes to water in minecraft, this mod makes the water look more realistic  it also makes the water a bit more see threw, but also reflective at the same time. This mod can be demanding on your computer. But if you think you can handle this shader it …

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