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Mar 30

Erebus Bug Dimension Mod Download

The erebus mod adds a whole new dimension to minecraft like the nether, but this new dimension is more of a cave and has biomes inside this new dimension. This mod is only a work in progress so only has the jungle biome inside this new dimension so far but the mod developer plans to …

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Feb 06

Minecraft Gulliver the resizing Mod Download

This mod is awesome and it only adds two potions to the game! The mod adds a potion which makes the player smaller, and a potion which makes the player bigger. For more information and to see this mod in action watch the video below! But wether your stupidly big or tiny you can still …

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Jan 24

Minecraft Dimensional Door Mod Download

The dimensional door mod adds two doors into the game, there is a dimensional door and a warp door added to minecraft. Placing the dimensional door will allow you to go to another dimension, you can then place another door to go to another dimension and then go to another dimension and then another..

Jan 23

Minecraft Pumpkin Patch Mod Download

The pumpkin patch mod adds all things pumpkin into minecraft! Literally all things pumpkin! The mod adds a number of new pumpkin foods. Pumpkin mods have also been added, such as the pumpkin golem, pumpkin creeper and more.

Jan 23

Minecraft Chocolate Mod Download

The Chocolate mod for minecraft adds chocolate to the game! Say no more you should be downloading this mod right now! You can craft choclate bars using this mod and then consume the chocolate bars to help you as all food helps you in minecraft

Jan 16

Minecraft THX Helicopter Mod Download

This mod gives you the ability to fly in Minecraft! This mod gives you the ability to add or craft a helicopter and have it in your game! The only thing i dont like about this mod is how cheap it is to craft. I would love to see the mod developer add a number …

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Jan 09

Minecraft The Crazy Mod Download

The crazy mod for minecraft is named correctly, its just ccrazzy! im talking exploding yellow flowers, a biome where cactus grow to near enough sky limit. One of the biomes even has purple grass.. just to be crazy. Theres two versions of this mod, The crazy mod and the super crazy mod. They are both …

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Jan 08

Minecraft More Zombies Mod Download

The more zombies mod for Minecraft obviously adds more zombie mobs into the game, all the zombies that are added are skinned different and all have different features, speeds, strengths and drops. This mod is partially for fun but also adds more mobs into the game which is never a bad thing as long as …

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Jan 07

Minecraft Better Snow Mod Download

The better snow mod adds more snow options to minecraft, when you are in a snow biome and it is snowing the snow will slowly begin to stack ontop of each other so you have more than one layer of snow. The more snow under your feet the slower you will walk. But if the …

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Jan 07

Minecraft Smart Moving Mod Download

The smart moving mod adds more movements into minecraft, the mod gives you the ability to do things like swim, climb two block up and even crawl under and threw one block gaps. I know what you are thinking that you can already swim in minecraft, but this mod changes the animation of your character …

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