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Jul 29

Golem Defence Mini Game for Minecraft 1.3

As you may know, the latest release of Minecraft added new Mobs (Iron Golems) that protect villagers from zombies. Also, zombies were changed to become hostile to nearby villagers. Using these new changes, HappyCreepers created a redstone tower-defence styled game in which you survive ten waves of zombies with the goal of protecting your villager. …

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Jul 13

Springfield build world download for Minecraft

It was only a matter of time before someone created springfield in Minecraft, and now the Enderwarp team on Youtube have created springfield from the simpsons. The Enderwarp team are still making Springfield as you can imagine it will take a while to build. The video below shows the first build showcase of Springfield, and …

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Jul 11

Bikini Bottom World Download for Minecraft

Love Minecraft ? Love Sponge bob square pants? Then this map may just be for you! This is a Bikini bottom remake in Minecraft and you can download the map world save. Minecraft Bikini Bottom Remake showcase: The map was created by MinecraftFinest and was originally built on there server, but it is now available …

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