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Jan 24

Minecraft 1.5 13w04a Snapshot Download

A new week and a new minecraft snapshot! Below is a list of things added this week, all these features will be implimented into minecraft 1.5 Added a fancy new Scoreboard system. Added some new functionality to dispensers. Taught dispensers and droppers about the 3rd dimension. Scared mobs away from the dangerous minecart tracks. At …

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Jan 17

Minecraft 1.5 Update – 13w03a Snapshot Download

The Minecraft 13w03a Snapshot has been released and it has brought the additons of Hopper Mine carts to the game and the new dropper block. All these features and more are showcased in the video below:   Minecraft 13w03a Snapshot Showcase     Made Zombies & Skeletons stronger, scaled to difficulty Added a new Dropper …

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Jan 10

Minecraft 1.5 Update – 13w01a Snapshot Download

Textures for blocks and items now have individual image files (read more below) Improved death messages Improved naming (using the anvil) of containers and mob eggs Trapped chests now give off the redstone signal through walls Improved hoppers and made them controllable by redstone Updated language files Language files can now be updated via the …

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Jan 03

Minecraft 13w01a Snapshot Download

Welcome to a new year of snapshots! This is the first snapshot that contains features for the coming Redstone Update. Showcase: Redstones circuits are more consistent and pistons should be more stabl Added the Redstone Comparator block (this replaces the Capacitor we talked about at Minecon) Added the Daylight Detector block Added a Hopper block …

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Dec 16

Minecraft Christmas Easter Egg!

This easter egg turns your chests into presents if you set your date on your computer to christmas day, and have the 12w50b snapshot or minecraft 1.4.6 How to get the easter egg: Download Minecraft 12w50b Snapshot Type %appdata%and go to .minecraft Back up your minecraft.jar Replace the minecraft jar with the downloaded one. Turn …

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Dec 08

Minecraft 1.5 Updates | 12w49a Snapshot Download

Added fireworks (sound effects will come soon) Added enchanted books for enchanting items Plenty of bugs addressed!

Oct 17

Minecraft 12w42a Snapshot download

Releasing an early snapshot this week because we need to crunch out the pre-release as soon as possible. This snapshot has the following changes: Anvil block has been tweaked (it’s cheaper to create, minor visual changes, and you can repair tools using wood/ingots/diamonds) Bats no longer trample crops or trigger pressure plates Redstone repeaters can …

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Oct 14

Minecraft 12w41a Snapshot Download

The Pretty Scary Update is almost upon us, with just two weeks until our target release date (October 24th). Here is this weeks changelog: Added a new Anvil block for repairing, merging & naming items Added an option for cape-owners to hide their capes ingame Effects given by the Beacon will be less intrusive on …

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Sep 28

Minecraft 12w39a Snapshot with Download

Updated the lighting engine   Fixed slap and stair lighting glitch Sped up general lighting and improved performance Fixed black spots in newly generated worlds Partly fixed nether lighting Added directional lighting ( Furnace doesn’t light up behind) Fixed Piston lighting glitch Fancy lighting is still not perfect Initial lighting calculations take longer but means …

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Jul 24

Minecraft 12w30b Snapshot download

The new weekly snapshot build of Minecraft has been released and you can download it and start testing all the bugs! The video below showcases the updates in this snapshot, such as lighting bug fixes & Creepers are now more explosive! How to Install: Download the 12w30b Snapshot Type %appdata% Open your .Minecraft folder Open …

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